Coaching Certification FAQ’s

Is my certification in the Allenbaugh Coaching System
limited to my current organization?

The certification follows you as a professional trainer. Once you have been certified, you may utilize the coaching and INTERACT materials and tools with any client within or outside of your current organization.  Additionally, the certification is not limited to any geographical area.

For how long does one remain certified
in the Allenbaugh Coaching System?

The Initial Coaching Certification is for a three-year period. After that point, Lifetime Coaching Certification is now available through Allenbaugh Associates for those who 1) have been initially certified in the Allenbaugh Coaching System, and 2) have been effectively applying the coaching principles and tools with their internal or external clients. The Lifetime Coaching Certification may be earned through one of the two following options:

  • Repeating the 4-day, initial Allenbaugh Coaching System certification workshop, or
  • Engaging in a one-half day 1:1 Coaching workshop tailored to the coach’s specific interests with Dr. Allenbaugh. This option may be conducted in his office or through telephone conferences.

Do I need other coaching materials in addition to those available
through the Allenbaugh Coaching System?

The Allenbaugh Coaching System provides a broad range of coaching materials, principles, and tools for your clients that address a wide range of coaching needs and interests.  While it is unlikely that you will need to seek additional resources, you are not restricted from doing so by your certification.  Those certified in the Allenbaugh Coaching System are qualified to purchase the INTERACT Personal Strengths Profile at a wholesale price.  Additionally, the Performance Coaching workbook may also be purchased as a companion document to reinforce the learning principles. Together, both documents position your clients for successful and effective application of the coaching tools.

Can other people who work for me conduct coaching workshops
using the Allenbaugh Coaching System and materials?

Use of the Allenbaugh Coaching System is limited to only those who have been certified by Dr. Eric Allenbaugh.  For quality purposes, individuals seeking to use the Allenbaugh Coaching System materials must first be certified.

Once I become certified in the Allenbaugh Coaching System,
what is my status regarding Allenbaugh Associates, Inc.?

While certification provides the right to use the Allenbaugh Coaching System intellectual property, each person certified in the Allenbaugh Coaching System remains as an independent contractor and is neither an employee nor an affiliate of Allenbaugh Associates, Inc.  As an independent contractor, each person has the responsibility to acquire their own professional liability and other appropriate insurances.

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