• Keynote Speaking

  • Setting a sincere tone of optimism and opportunity,
    you’ll feel your team align for a purposeful, 
    orchestrated launch!

Keynote Speaking

“…I have heard a host of excellent speakers and teachers,
and yet Eric is a standout.”

— Dave Pfeifer, Chief Executive Officer

Seeking an inspirational speaker with great content? This is your guy!
Eric’s engaging, “no podium’ style has won over more than 2000 audiences in 40+ states. Witty, wise, and engaging, Eric’s style will touch a wide range of audiences with leadership and life mastery messages that inspire people and transform organizations.


As a kickoff to your initiative, Eric will ignite the imaginations and “deliberate success” of your associates. Setting a sincere tone of optimism and opportunity, you’ll feel your team align for a purposeful, orchestrated launch.


Count on Dr. Allenbaugh to replenish spirits during challenging times. Enjoy this masterful coach as his practical, heartfelt approach steers your team toward “rejuvenated action.”


Reflection, recognition and celebration are crucial to meaningful project closures. Partner with Dr. Allenbaugh to review and coalesce important learning, acknowledge winners and preview new career-making challenges.

Dr. Allenbaugh’s positive and insightful messages focus on leadership and life mastery. Rich in content, members of the audience will leave with tangible tools that can be immediately applied to make a difference. Each message is carefully tailored for a unique audience through advance planning with the client and is punctuated with stories, humor, and pragmatic principles and tools. In addition, Eric’s delivery features audio, visual, and kinesthetic approaches to speak to the different learning styles of people.

The following list of topics provides examples of the kinds of messages that can be delivered to meet the needs or your organization. For more in-depth exploration, these topics are also available in one to three-day workshop formats. (Click each topic for more information.)

If you are seeking an impactful keynote for your organization or group, contact Eric Allenbaugh (503-635-3963) to explore topics of interest and how they can be specifically tailored to engage and inspire your audience.

Free Leadership Articles

Each leadership article provides pragmatic tools that can be immediately applied in making a positive difference.  Download these free articles and share them with your team.

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