Consulting Results: The Key Measures

Dr. Eric Allenbaugh employs a variety of methods to support your organization’s transformational effort. His pragmatic principle and people-centric approach is driven by the belief that, without exception, programs that generate a high return your investment are ones that people actually use.

When 1) the principles and practices are being implemented, 2) you notice recurring, positive and productive changes in behavior, and 3) a common language and collaboration surfaces among associates that produces shared results — then you are experiencing “deliberate success” resulting from the principles and tools advocated by Allenbaugh Associates.

How We Measure Our Service

Eric is passionate about what he does and relentless in his commitment on your behalf. His primary criterion for measuring results comes from the fact that nearly every client served by Allenbaugh Associates comes by way of referral from previous clients – a remarkable record in most any industry.

As a result of working with Allenbaugh Associates, clients continually report bottom line and human element benefits like these:

  • Individual, team, and organizational performance increases measurably
  • Mission, vision, and values become tangible forces for influencing behaviors and decisions
  • Productivity, accountability, and pride increase
  • A spirit of teamwork, trust, and open communication becomes a reality
  • People look for ways of creating win-win outcomes
  • People feel valued and value others
  • Individual and organizational vision and values align
  • Customer service takes on even greater emphasis and focus
  • Leadership and staff function in greater harmony

If these are the kind of results you are seeking in your organization, contact Eric Allenbaugh at 503-635-3963 to explore options that will make a positive and lasting difference.

“I worked closely with Eric during the transformation of two companies, as he took us flawlessly into a dynamic state, rich in enculturation and profit. Eric taught us to understand and honor the spirit and correlation between the human element and the bottom line, and this was ultimately the key that unlocked our potential today.”
— Terri Bartle, President, Total Logistics Resource

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