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If people in your organization put “voice” to their thoughts, what would they likely say about…

  • Their own career and job fulfillment?
  • The clarity of your organization’s direction?
  • The pride they have in their products or services?
  • What the organization values in word and deed?
  • The presence of teamwork, trust, and open communication?
  • What they need from you?

Engaged, empowered, and accountable managers and staff can co-create significant and positive results on the bottom line.  Leaders, then, are challenged to effectively link organizational vision and values with individual vision and values.  Given that, effective leaders have two primary functions —

  • Creating a compelling vision, and
  • Converting that vision into results
“The greatest danger for most of us
is not that our aim is too high and we miss it,
but that it is too low and we reach it.”

— Michelangelo

Dr. Allenbaugh, a seasoned international leadership consultant and former top executive, will augment and facilitate your efforts to assist individuals and teams within your organization to get from where they are to where you want them to be. Carefully tailored with you in the “driver’s seat,” this leadership and team development process will support your direction by:

  • identifying a compelling mission and vision,
  • developing a set of core values that influence decisions and behavior,
  • introducing best practice principles and tools that accelerate the journey, and
  • building a spirit of partnership and trust in working together to achieve positive, long-term results.

The leadership philosophy and practices place a strong emphasis on both the Bottom Line and the Human Element in creating profitable, productive results for the company while building an even more fulfilling work environment for the employees.

With Eric Allenbaugh’s broad corporate, hospital, and governmental client base distributed over more than 40 states and a 95% client referral rate, you can have the confidence in achieving the results you are seeking.  To learn more about the systematic and field-tested process that Eric uses in augmenting your leadership efforts while honoring the unique culture of your organization, click on the following:

“I worked closely with Eric during the transformation of two companies,
as he took us flawlessly into a dynamic state, rich in enculturation and profit.
Eric taught us to understand and honor the spirit and correlation between the
human element
and the bottom line, and this was ultimately the key
that unlocked our potential today.”
— Terri Bartle, President
Total Logistics Resource

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