Win-Win Conflict Strategies

Moving from Combat to Collaboration

Conflict comes with the territory of life. How one handles conflict often determines their career and relationship effectiveness. This high-value, pragmatic workshop focuses on principles and tools designed to both address the issue while sustaining or even enhancing relationships.  The purposes of this workshop include:

  • Build confidence and competence in the application of affirmative conflict tools
  • Create a safe, open environment for working through conflict issues
  • Provide pragmatic principles and tools for handling both work related and personal conflict with the intent of achieving win-win outcomes

Participants will be actively engaged in the following:

1. Setting the stage foundations of win-win conflict

  • Putting our content into context
  • Identifying our Conflict Management Styles
  • Identifying when to use each of the 5 Conflict Management Styles
  • Focusing on Interests rather than Positions
  • Committing to win-win – from the beginning
  • Exploring the 3 Truths (Your truth, my truth, and the truth)
  • Application: Skill building and assignments

2. Straight Talk: Principles and Strategies

  • Being tough on issues and tender on people
  • The Safety Factor: Principles of receiving feedback
  • The Courage Factor: Principles of giving caring feedback
  • Taking the fear out of telling the truth
  • Communicating with integrity
  • Building awareness
  • Building rapport even in difficult circumstances
  • The courage to be “authentic” while being “in service”
  • Application: Skill building and assignments

3. Win-Win Conflict tools and strategies

  • Win/win conflict management skills
  • Dealing with difficult behaviors
  • Separating the person from the problem
  • Being tough on issues and tender on people
  • Opening up the closed spirit
  • Giving bad news while honoring the person
  • Working through resistance
  • Application: Skill building and assignments
Conflict Resolution Consulting Services

In addition to facilitating conflict workshops, Dr. Allenbaugh is sought out to facilitate working through conflict issues between individuals or between organizations. If you would like to explore how a win-win conflict workshop would be beneficial to your organization or how Dr. Allenbaugh’s conflict facilitation services would be of benefit, contact him directly at 503-635-3963.

“Are you willing to engage in dialogue
we are successful in coming up 
with a win-win solution?”

— Stephen Covey

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