Lifetime Coaching Certification

Lifetime Coaching Certification is available directly through Dr. Eric Allenbaugh for those who 1) have been initially certified in the Allenbaugh Coaching System and 2) have been effectively applying the coaching principles and tools with internal or external clients. (The initial Coaching Certification is no longer available through Allenbaugh Associates.) A custom-designed, four-hour Lifetime Coaching Certification session will be conducted in person, by Zoom, or by phone directly with Dr. Allenbaugh after you explore your unique coaching interests, needs, and priorities with him. Advance reading and preparation will be required to augment the learning experience.

Tuition for this tailored Lifetime Coaching Certification is $2,995 and includes the following:

  • Advance consultation with Dr. Allenbaugh to determine the next stage of your coaching needs, interests, and priorities,
  • Current electronic copies of the following for advance review and preparation:

o Coaching Facilitator’s Guide,
o Interact Personal Strengths Facilitator’s Guide,
o Coaching PowerPoint presentation slides,

  • A four-hour, 1:1, tailored Lifetime Coaching Certification session with Dr. Allenbaugh,
  • Four additional hours of individualized coaching with Dr. Allenbaugh within one year after earning this advanced coaching certification, and
  • A Lifetime Coaching Certification certificate suitable for framing.

If you are currently certified in the Allenbaugh Coaching System and want to advance to the next level of professional coaching, phone 503-635-3963 or email Eric Allenbaugh to turn that goal into reality.

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