Building Great Teams

That Deliver Impressive Results!
“Eric will help you improve your employee’s individual performance, and, more importantly, their ability to work together effectively.”

— Larry Kupfer, President & CEO
Virgin Islands Next Generation Network

Tired of “flavor-of-the-month” team programs that don’t deliver the results? Discover why Dr. Eric Allenbaugh’s team development workshops result in a greater than 95% referral rate.

This pragmatic, participative, and insightful workshop emphasizes principles and strategies of building and sustaining high performance teams — principles and strategies that have stood the test of time. By the close of this 3-day workshop, participants will be equipped with numerous team development tools that can be applied immediately in creating teams that work well together while delivering impressive long-term results.

While the content and process of your team development workshop will be carefully crafted with your outcomes and organizational culture in mind, a “Building Great Teams” workshop typically explores:

  • Purpose: creating a shared mission & vision
  • Passion: building a spirit of partnership & teamwork
  • Performance: empowering associates with accountability
  • Exploring best practice tools for creating and sustaining peak performance
  • Communicating to understand and be understood
  • Building personal awareness and accountability
  • Taking talent to the top
  • Utilizing win-win conflict tools
  • Conducting effective meetings
  • Enhancing skills in communicating and connecting with others whose styles differ
  • Creating “giants of others” on the team
  • Enhancing creative problem solving and decision making
  • Delighting Customers – both internal and external
  • Sustaining our competitive edge
  • Making it stick – tools to keep the principles working for you in the long-term

To address your distinctive needs and interests, 4 Consulting Action Steps are applied: 1) Assessment, 2) Planning, 3) Implementation, and 4) Follow-Up.

Before implementing your team development workshop, a team assessment is conducted through advance focus group interviews with the team members to identify strengths, challenges, opportunities, and expectations.  Based on the interview findings and your knowledge and insights, Dr. Allenbaugh works closely with you to design a unique team development process to carefully integrate your outcomes and organizational culture. (For a more detailed exploration of the process and likely content, CLICK HERE.)


Contact Dr. Eric Allenbaugh to explore how to create a new beginning for your team — or to simply take your high performing team to its next level of excellence. 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world;
indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

— Margaret Mead

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