3 Critical Developmental Areas

As a key leader, to what extent are you focusing on these 3 Critical Developmental Areas to enhance your business:
  • Individual development,
  • Team development, and
  • Organization development?

Strategically concentrating on all three developmental areas as driving forces to achieve the results you are seeking typically produces a significant return on investment.

Focusing on Individual Development exclusively can incrementally raise overall effectiveness by:

  • Integrating coaching into the organizational culture to enhance both performance and engagement
  • Designing and implementing professional development plans
  • Assuring career and life balance
  • Addressing personal and professional growth issues
  • Assuring optimal use of talents

Add a Team Development component, and you’ll start to see your individual contributors really begin to reach their potential…and accelerate team and team member contributions.

  • Building committed, empowered teams
  • Enhancing trust and open communication
  • Building collaboration and team synergy
  • Enhancing problem solving and decision making
  • Facilitating change

Clarify and align your leadership with Organizational Development and the table is set for sustaining, standard-setting results.

  • Clarifying corporate Mission/Vision/Values
  • Shaping corporate culture
  • Aligning Board & Executive direction
  • Developing core strategies & implementation plans
  • Creating an empowered, accountable workforce
  • Building a customer focused environment
  • Creating optimal organizational design

Eric Allenbaugh’s strong experiential base in all three developmental areas will provide you with essential resources to augment your efforts in achieving positive and lasting results. Contact Eric to explore how he can assist in closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

“If nothing changes, nothing changes.”
— Earnie Larsen

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