Straight Talk

How to be Tough on Issues & Tender on People

Achieving and sustaining excellence requires that leaders master the art and tools of effective communication. Refining speaking and listening skills remains a life-long challenge — at work and at home. Just because we are talking does not mean that we are communicating. This keynote (or one to two-day workshop) is filled with tangible communication tools that simplify connecting with others — even on sensitive issues. One individual, representing the thoughts of many, said: “I wish that I had known about these tools 30 years ago!”

In this keynote, your audience will learn critical communication tools to expand their influence while connecting more effectively with others including:

  • Courage: Speaking with Integrity – and Sensitivity
  • Safety: Listening for Understanding
  • The 2 Kinds of Straight Talk
  • The 3 Truths: Your Truth, My Truth, & The Truth
  • The 4 Truth Tests
  • Micro-connects and Micro-disconnects
  • Being Authentic and In-service to Others
  • Listening with Intent
  • How to be Tough on Issues and Tender on People
  • How to Increase Mutual Understanding

Would you like to learn more about how this keynote might be of value to your team? Contact Dr. Eric Allenbaugh to discuss scheduling this keynote or workshop with your company or organization.

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