Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching: Reinventing Yourself and Shaping Your Future

As a top executive:

  • What specifically are you doing to refine your personal and professional best?
  • How are you enhancing your effectiveness in influencing others?
  • What untapped potential do you see in yourself?
  • How are you defining success, personally and professionally, and to what extent are you achieving that level of success — and significance?
  • What have you learned and applied in the past year to increase your value?

As a leader, you have a responsibility to bring out the best in others — and in yourself. Retaining a seasoned executive coach provides one of the more effective ways for you to stay on top through a systematic executive development process. Every professional athlete has a coach — that is why they are as good as they are. Likewise, executives who are already doing well often retain coaches to keep them at their cutting edge.

In our experience, peak performing executives consciously seek to reinvent themselves. They don’t settle for what they have already mastered — they commit to stretching themselves to higher and more refined levels of performance. They also seek the learning opportunities provided by outside resources — coaches who listen, provide feedback, encourage, and push the envelope. Through this tailored executive coaching process, you can:

  • Access what you already know at a deeper and more pragmatic level,
  • Utilize your talents more effectively,
  • Increase your personal and professional awareness — a key step in learning and growing
  • Achieve greater personal and professional fulfillment,
  • Discover your untapped potential,
  • Energize your career and relationships, and
  • Move from resistance to commitment in making significant life and career changes.

Executive coaching might possibly be your most prudent and high-return investment. As much art as science, cultivating effective leadership is worth the attention and expertise of Dr. Eric Allenbaugh, a seasoned leadership coach and experienced executive. In close consultation with you, here’s how Eric typically approaches your unique Executive Coaching process:

Assessment Phase:

  • Identification of your goals & interests to tailor Executive Coaching
  • Clarification of your major strengths, “stretches,” and targets
  • Identification of specific issues requiring your attention

Planning Phase:

  • Explore Executive Coaching options
  • Establish timelines and outcomes

Implementation Phase:

  • On-site core session for one-full day
  • Periodic on-site Executive Coaching sessions
  • Periodic telephone coaching sessions
  • Parallel Executive Coaching /team development workshops
  • Follow-up steps to assure continued executive development

To learn more about how executive coaching can be beneficial to you, your organization, and your career, contact Dr. Eric Allenbaugh at 503-635-3963 to explore options.

“Eric is the only consultant I have worked with who has made a significant difference
in the way I lead people. Seldom has one person so positively
influenced the culture of an organization.”
— Jim Boyle, Hospital CEO & Board Chair

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