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  • When teams share a common mission, work together
    in a spirit of partnership, create a high level of trust,
    and seek to bring out the best of one another,
    deliberate success is the result.
    — G. Eric Allenbaugh, Ph.D.

Team Development

Building Synergistic Teams That Deliver Impressive Results!

Whether it’s moving from “good to great” or facilitating a team to learn the fundamentals of working together effectively, team development can be a highly effective process in moving from where they are now to where they want to be.  This pragmatic, participative, and insightful process emphasizes principles and strategies of building and sustaining high performance teams — tools that have stood the test of time and that can be applied immediately. When teams work together in a spirit of partnership, have a high level of trust and open communication, share a common mission, vision and values, and seek to bring out the best of one another, incredible results can be achieved.

When results count, count on Dr. Eric Allenbaugh to support your efforts in creating an even brighter future for your team – on both the bottom line and on the human element. Eric, a seasoned professional in personal and organizational transformation, will guide you in moving from where you are now to where you want to be. This transformational process effectively engages leaders and staff to collectively achieve positive, productive results. Principle centered, value driven, and solution oriented, the systematic process has lasting results long after Dr. Allenbaugh completes his work with your organization.

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To explore options for enhancing team effectiveness in your organization, contact Dr. Eric Allenbaugh at 503-635-3963.

Here is what Eric’s clients say about his team development workshops…

“Time with Eric always adds massive and immediate practical value. His general leadership seminars and consistently-productive meetings, professionally-tailored to the specific successes and growth areas of your leadership team, are just simply the very best out there. I have worked with Eric five times over fifteen years (usually with teams that are strong, and looking to grow – and once with a team that was flat out failing). In every context, he met with our team to really hear what we needed and wanted. And, most importantly, he delivered high-quality and useful insights – every time. Money and time very, very well-invested.”
— Steve Reinmuth, Senior Assistant Attorney General
State of Washington, Labor and Industries Division

“Eric will help you improve your employee’s individual performance,
and, more importantly, their ability to work together effectively.”

— Larry Kupfer, President & CEO
Virgin Islands Next Generation Network

“Eric – Please accept our sincere gratitude for your facilitation of our three-day leadership
and team development workshop. It was an exciting, empowering shared experience
with our team. We look forward to seeing these tools, concepts, and methods in use
– as well as using them ourselves.”

— Nathan Georges, President, Columbia Industries, LLC
— Ben Van Raden, Vice President & General Manager, Columbia Industries, LLC

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