Allenbaugh Family Mission

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”

— Denis Waitley

Your mission and values are reflected simply by what you say “yes” and “no” to in life. You, your family and your organization function at a higher level when the mission and values are clear and actively integrated into life (“walking the talk”).

For that reason, I have a single mission statement — not one for my consulting practice and another for home.

Our Family Mission

With God at the center of our lives and home, our family purpose is to create a nurturing, safe environment which:
  • Honors individual differences,
  • Creates giants out of self and others,
  • Encourages spiritual, emotional and physical development,
  • Role models loving relationships,
  • Promotes caring, open communications, and
  • Makes a positive, joyful difference in our inner and outer worlds.
— Eric and Kay Allenbaugh

This Family Mission Statement my wife Kay and I created continues to have a profound influence in our way of both “being” and “doing.” I encourage you to experience the long-term value of creating and living your own personal or family mission.

“It’s not your partner’s job to be more loveable,
it’s your job to be more loving.”

— Barbara DeAngelis, Ph.D.

We periodically set aside a weekend for our own renewal and use this time to review our Family Mission Statement to assure that our actions align with and honor the spirit of our agreements. We use this special time to celebrate successes and to explore ways in which we can consciously create more fulfillment for ourselves and for one another.

This important family activity not only assists in keeping our relationship current and vibrant, but also provides clarity of what we want to co-create in our world. Our Family Mission Statement continues to have a profoundly positive impact on the quality of our relationship and in creating even greater life fulfillment.

“Ask yourself this daily question:
How would the person I want to be
do the thing I’m about to do?”

— Jim Cathcart

To learn about the books written by Kay Allenbaugh and about her watercolor paintings, please visit her website:

“Eric is the only consultant I have worked with who has made a significant difference
in the way I lead people. Seldom has one person so positively influenced the culture of an organization.”
— Jim Boyle, Hospital CEO & Board Chair

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